Organic Line

V7 Brazilian Beauty is a Brazilian brand, sustainable, specialized in the manufacture and development of organic products without use of synthetic beauty substances that was born from the dream of providing quality products, efficient and with maximum safety, both for the professional and the final customer. Innovating with products developed with natural assets of the Brazilian Flora, combining technology and nature in high standard products.


Our purpose is to be a complete and exclusive line, uniting quality of life, nature and technology. Our concern is to respect the environmental limits for the extraction of raw materials by investing in technologies that value the sustainability of the production process, providing products effectively and ecologically correct to our customers.


If well-being with beauty is what interests us, aligns AMAZON ROOTS offers high quality, organic products, with conscious extraction of plant assets from the tropical Amazon and its biodiversity as Buriti oil.

High quality

Competitive prices

Organic Treatment


Leave-in Home Care

Shampoo Buriti Oil Home Care

Condicionador Óleo de Buriti Home Care

Hydrating Mask Reconstructure

Reconstruction Line - Step 1

Reconstruction Line - Step 2

Reconstruction Line - Step 3

Reconstruction Line - Step 4

Purple Brazilian Protein

White Brazilian Protein

Become exclusive, nothing takes away the beauty of your eyes.